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Making Learning Fun- Happy Hands Happy Heart Playdough!

Playdough is more than just a fun activity to keep the kids busy; it actually helps them to develop necessary skills as part of their physical, intellectual, psychological AND social development.

Develops Motor Skills: Squishing, stretching, poking and rolling playdough helps young children to build up the muscles in their fingers, hands and wrists, which in turn helps them with tasks such as writing and cutting with scissors.

Learning numbers, letters and words: Make learning fun! Using playdough is a fun, practical way to introduce your kids to numbers, letters and words.

Encourages creativity: Playing with playdough encourages creative and imaginative thinking. Who knows, you might have the next Michelangelo on your hands!

Therapeutic: If you’re looking for a nice relaxing activity for the kids, playdough is perfect. Our playdough scents have been specifically created to enhance calm and wellbeing to relieve tension and improve focus. We think more adults should play with playdough!

Develops hand-eye co-ordination: Playdough can be used in many ways to help your child develop hand-eye co-ordination, such as flattening with a rolling pin and using a cookie cutter to cut out shapes.

Sensory: Our playdough in particular is great for sensory development because it encourages young children to identify different smells and colours!

Communication and interpretation skills: Asking your little artist what they have created with their playdough and why initiates two way communication and interpretation skills.

Social skills: Playdough is a really good social activity because it promotes sharing and cooperative play. Whether they are playing with you or a group of friends, it’s a chance to encourage collaborative playing, problem solving and planning skills.

Who knew that such a simple activity could be so beneficial!? If you are looking for practical ways to enhance your little ones skills or want to make learning fun, be sure to stop by our online shop and place an order!

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