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The benefits of our 100% naturally scented and coloured playdough

Happy Hands Happy Hearts (HHHH) playdough is super unique in that it is 100% naturally scented and coloured using only fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and essential oil– nothing artificial! Each of our flavours has been carefully thought out to provide your little ones with more than just a fun activity; they are all handcrafted to provide lots of health and wellbeing benefits too!

Blood orange The zesty smell of blood orange has lots of great health and wellbeing benefits! If your little one is feeling blue, the smell of blood orange is said to be a mood lifter. It is also great for relieving tension, stress and curing those pesky headaches!

Mandarin Calm your little one with our Mandarin scented playdough. This fresh scent can help calm nerves, reduce stress and boost immunity. It also has positive effects on digestion too.

Lemon Lemon is another great healer, boasting natural disinfectant properties. Lemon can also improve dopamine levels to brighten your mood and relieve feelings of nausea. If your little one if feeling icky or blue, our lovely lemon playdough will be sure to lift their spirits!

Spearmint The great healer! Research has shown that spearmint has antiseptic properties, protecting wounds and ulcers from infection. This multi-tasking flavour is also useful for relieving nerve and muscle spasms, headaches, cold-symptoms such as nasal congestion and also stimulates brain function. Our spearmint playdough is a good pick me up activity!

Pink Grapefruit The smell of pink grapefruit has been known to energise you and uplift your spirits. This groovy scent is also said to curb depression and enhance your memory. Our Pink Grapefruit playdough is an ideal morning activity to get your kids up and going!

Lavender Lavender is a great calming scent that can help promote sleep by relaxing the mind and helping us to wind down. Our lavender playdough is a great option for pre-bed time play, to help you little one chill out and get ready for a great night’s sleep. Maybe some of us parents should be taking advantage of these benefits too!

Vanilla Ah, our classic friend vanilla! Research has shown that vanilla is great at promoting a sense of calm and even helps to ease respiratory issues by directly affecting the respiratory centres in the brain. Our vanilla playdough is another great pre-bed time activity to help your little one doze off.

Cinnamon While most us associate cinnamon with warm fuzzy feelings, cinnamon is actually a stimulant and anti-depressant, with the ability to sooth headaches, aches and pains. If your little one is feeling sluggish, our cinnamon playdough is another great pick me up activity!

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